Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Some months ago, I started three prairie sisters of the same size; I am pleased to finally have completed all three and to show them finished on the prairie at the same time.  Here we have Clara May, a 15" cloth doll with sculpted hair and oil-painted features.  Her face is completely flat, and the illusion of dimension is achieved with several layers of paint.  Clara May wears a wonderful costume that includes pantaloons and a slip, as well as an antique dress made in the early 1900's and an over-skirt that is also antique.  She wears a vintage bonnet which was adapted for her.  Please check my other posts to see her posted with her sisters.  She is available, her purchase price is $675 and $20 postage in the U.S.  She is also available for long-term layaway.  Please do not hesitate to email me with questions or to request a layaway.    Thank you so much for looking at my latest dolls.  This doll is now SOLD, thank you!


One of three new prairie daughters arriving on the homestead is Paulette, a 15" cloth doll.  She has a cloth body, with sculpted clay hair and a flat face with oil painted features.  Completed in several stages, the face, although flat, achieves the magic of dimension in the layering of the paint.  Paulette has a wonderful costume, including her unders of pantaloons and a slip, as well as stripped "stockings" and painted black slippers.  She wears a very old antique cloth dress with printed roses on a field of light tan.  This dress was made in the long-ago entirely by hand.  She also wears a vintage sunbonnet which was adapted for her as well as a lovely pinafore, which I made and embroidered for her as a copy of an antique example.  I hope that you see that achieves a little-girl innocence of expression.  

Her purchase price is $675 and $20 shipping in the U.S.  She is also available for a long term layaway.  About half of my dolls sales involve layaway.  I am very easy to work with, so please do not hesitate to ask.  I can be contacted via email for questions or reservations.

Presenting Mary Rose, a girl of the Missouri homestead.....this doll is a just-completed, one of a kind cloth doll.  She features a flat-face painted in oil with sculpted hair.  Many paintings of her features were required to achieve a depth that gives her dimensionality.  She stands 15" tall, and wears stripped red socks and painted black slippers.  Her wonderful costume includes pantaloons and a slip, as well as an antique gingham dress and overskirt with a lace bonnet.  She is available for purchase or layaway.  Priced at $675 and postage, I offer generous long-term layaways purchases also.  If you have questions or would like to reserve Mary Rose, please contact me via email at:

After several weeks of awaiting them, three just completed prairie girls have shown up on the homestead.....all three are cloth dolls with clay sculpted hair and flat-painted faces in oil.  Each is about 15" in height, and wears costuming that is a mixture of antique and vintage elements, including pantaloons and a slip.  Here, we preview them at an outdoor tea party on the homestead.  Each will be posted separately.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Presenting "Grace, Princess of the Moors"

Presenting  "Grace, Princess of the Moors".  I have always loved the antique dolls of wood, papier-mache, and even cloth produced in the nineteenth century in Germany with the characteristics known by their place-name, generically called "Grodnertal" dolls.  My interpretation has a sculpted face and hair over a cloth body.  She stands a grand 21" tall and wears a sculpted hair comb in her hair.  Having researched clothing styles of these dolls, as well as what women of the time were wearing, Grace wears an underdress of sheer antique white cotton cloth, which was once part of an adult woman's costume.  Many of the fabrics of the era were sheer, which meant that various styles of  jackets were worn for warmth.  Grace was given a jacket inspired by an 1809 French fashion costume plate; this jacket was made from wonderful and rare antique silk brocade from the 1870's.  There are many small details that Grace was given including her antique earrings and her painted slippers......she is seen here posed in some of my doll scenes; while she is lovely there, I am hoping that you can see how lovely she would look in your own.

This doll is available and also is available for an easy and generous long-term layaway.  Please contact me via email for details at